Sunday, April 22, 2012

Brandon Jay McLaren on "The Killing" - 5 (2011)

Brandon Jay McLaren's (Jack, SPD) role as high school teacher, Bennet Ahmed continued in the sixth episode of "The Killing," as his character falls under even more scrutiny in the murder case of Rosie Larsen, one of his students. In the episode "What You Have Left," the detectives discover witnesses that saw Rosie visit Bennet's apartment the night she was killed. When they confront him about the incident, he seems even less steady and more suspicious. Bennet attends the funeral for Rosie, as word begins to spread about him being a suspect. The detectives simultaneously learn details about Mr. Larsen's criminal past. Rosie's father learns of the suspicion against Bennet and offers him a ride home, seemingly with dangerous intent. As the episode ends, Bennet mentions that Mr. Larsen missed the exit needed to get him home. Season 2 of "The Killing" recently began airing, without McLaren.


Season 1 of "The Killing" is available on DVD

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