Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rose McIver on "Once Upon a Time" (2013)

Rose McIver (Summer, RPM) stepped into Neverland, joining the cast of the ABC fantasy series "Once Upon a Time." McIver took on the iconic role of Tinker Bell, making her debut in the third episode of the third season, appropriately titled "Quite a Common Fairy." The third season finds Emma and her parents, Snow White & Prince Charming on a quest to find her son Henry who has been abducted by a villainous Peter Pan, forcing them to join forces with Henry's adopted mother, Regina (a.k.a. The Evil Queen) and the crafty Captain Hook. When Hook suggests the heroes seek the help of Tinker Bell, given her past with Pan, Regina grows uneasy, remembering her interaction with the fairy from the past, when Tinker Bell attempted to help a young Regina find her second chance at love, a notion Regina ultimately rejects. Tinker Bell, having risked her life to steal the pixie dust needed to locate Regina's love, finds herself cast out by the fairies, losing her wings in the process. Back in the present, a powerless and reclusive Tinker Bell stalks Regina, seeking revenge. When Regina offers Tinker Bell her heart, she does her best to not only convince the fairy that she's capable of love (thanks to Henry), but to also convince her to help find the boy. A full zip of McIver's screencaps are available below. McIver will reprise the role in next week's new episode.

 photo onceuat-3x3-rm3_zpsedfae9eb.jpg  photo onceuat-3x3-rm5_zpsbc827e62.jpg
 photo onceuat-3x3-rm9_zps0fe58cdf.jpg
 photo onceuat-3x3-rm11_zpsbaa80bf4.jpg  photo onceuat-3x3-rm12_zpsfe0f3c29.jpg
 photo onceuat-3x3-rm15_zpse1cecd0e.jpg
 photo onceuat-3x3-rm19_zps043a003f.jpg  photo onceuat-3x3-rm22_zps95f07b07.jpg
 photo onceuat-3x3-rm24_zpsc2eff963.jpg
 photo onceuat-3x3-rm26_zpsc184668b.jpg  photo onceuat-3x3-rm29_zps02e2273e.jpg
 photo onceuat-3x3-rm32_zps7bd64dce.jpg
 photo onceuat-3x3-rm34_zps2246321c.jpg  photo onceuat-3x3-rm36_zpsc3404f22.jpg
 photo onceuat-3x3-rm38_zps681c0e32.jpg
 photo onceuat-3x3-rm41_zpse8a3d644.jpg  photo onceuat-3x3-rm45_zps0b304f2a.jpg
 photo onceuat-3x3-rm47_zpsc7587ddf.jpg
 photo onceuat-3x3-rm49_zps3c787713.jpg  photo onceuat-3x3-rm51_zps70029391.jpg
 photo onceuat-3x3-rm53_zpsa531e8ed.jpg
 photo onceuat-3x3-rm56_zps7e307935.jpg  photo onceuat-3x3-rm58_zps86befc8b.jpg
 photo onceuat-3x3-rm60_zps481f02e2.jpg

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