Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Keith Robinson on "White Collar" (2013)

Keith Robinson (Joel, Lightspeed) recently appeared on the USA Network crime drama "White Collar." Robinson guest starred in the thirteenth episode of the show's fourth season, titled "Empire City," playing the role of Angelo Wells, a taxi driver. The episode finds main characters, Neal & Peter trying to track down stolen medallions, which they believe are going to be sold out of The Cotton Club, a lounge preparing to re-open under the ownership of brothers Delmar & Angelo. As the investigation continues, they realize that only one of the brothers may be fencing stolen goods. Delmar (played by guest star Bill Bellamy), an ex-con, turns out to be the innocent party but gets caught in his brother's crime when he's left to make a delivery of the medallions on the club's opening night. Neal & Peter go out of their way to try to keep Delmar out of the deal, setting Angelo up to handle things himself, which leads to his arrest. Keith Robinson appeared in three scenes of the episode. This episode of "White Collar" reunited Bill Bellamy with series star Tiffani Thiessen. The duo starred together on the action series "Fastlane," which featured PR alums Ilia Volok and Brad Hawkins.


Season 4 of "White Collar" currently airs on USA Network

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