Thursday, October 27, 2011

Phillip Jeanmarie on "CSI: Miami" (2011)

Phillip Jeanmarie (Max, Wild Force) appeared on the crime drama "CSI: Miami" earlier this month. Jeanmarie guest starred as Jared Boyleston in the third episode of the show's 10th season, titled "Blown Away." The CSI team tries to solve the murder of a college co-ed when a tornado rips through the city, making evidence hard to come by. Jeanmarie's character, Jared, is found with a life-threatening injury by Eric Delko (series regular Adam Rodriguez) who saves his life. With a severe throat injury, Jared can't speak. Delko discovers that he was a member of a team of storm chasers and believes that Jared may have been looting homes in the process. He confronts him, leading to Jared going into cardiac arrest. It's discovered later that Jared tried to save the co-ed, which led to him being shot by his storm chasing partners, who were the ones robbing homes, not him. Delko returns to the hospital, apologizing for his accusations. Though he doesn't speak in the present, Jeanmarie does have several lines during a flashback sequence, which shows how he tried to come to the aide of the young woman after she walked in on the robbers and was brutally attacked, before the tornado hit. Though this was his first appearance on "CSI: Miami," Phillip Jeanmarie also guest-starred on the original "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation."

Season 10 of "CSI: Miami" currently airs on CBS

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