Monday, September 22, 2008

Katrina Browne on "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" (1997)

Katrina Browne (Kapri, Ninja Storm) made a major guest appearance during the fourth season of the action series "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys." Browne appeared in the episode "Prodigal Sister" as Siri, a woman who is taken from her family at a young age and raised as a vengeful Amazon, who believes that her parents abandoned her, when in fact they were killed by the woman who raised her and blinded her brother, who comes looking for her with Hercules' help. Browne appeared in several scenes of the episode opposite the show's star Kevin Sorbo and would return in another role on the series during Season 6. Given her major role, a full zip of her screencaps is available for download below.

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Season 4 of "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" is available on DVD

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Jeffrey Parazzo in "Samurai Girl" (2008)

Former White Ranger, Jeffrey Parazzo (Trent, Dino Thunder) made a very brief appearance in the ABCFamily miniseries "Samurai Girl." Parazzo played a nameless bartender who prepares to serve a drink to Heaven until he learns that she's only nineteen. Parazzo appears opposite the miniseries stars Jamie Chung and Brendan Fehr in the third episode. This a "blink and you'll miss it" appearance, as he is only on camera briefly. He also has one line. The miniseries was filmed in Parazzo's native country of Canada.

"Samurai Girl" re-airs on ABCFamily this month

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Amy Jo Johnson on "Flashpoint" - 5 (2008)

Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly, MMPR) continued her starring role on "Flashpoint." Johnson reprises her role as SRU officer Jules Callaghan in the fifth episode of the series, titled "Who's George?" The episode finds the SRU team negotiating a bank robbery, where the culprit turns out to be a fired employee, who is seeking revenge because his wife is a victim of Alzheimer's and needs to be taken care of. Jules spends most of the episode out of the action, but she does discover George's reason for the bank robbery.

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Roy Werner in "Surrender Dorothy" (2006)

Recurring Time Force actor Roy Werner (Captain Logan, Time Force) appeared in the 2006 television movie "Surrender Dorothy." Werner played the love interest of main actress Diane Keaton. The film tells the story of a woman (Keaton) who immerses herself in the life of her daughter after her sudden death in a car accident, while on vacation with friends. Werner appears as Harvey, a new man in her life, who she dumps after her daughter's death. He appears in four scenes at the beginning of the film.

"Surrender Dorothy" is available on DVD

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David de Lautour on "What I Like About You" - 3 (2004)

David de Lautour (RJ, Jungle Fury) continued his recurring role on the comedy series "What I Like About You," appearing in the third episode of Season 3. The episode, titled "The Not-So Simple Life," finds his character Ben struggling to get a music gig in New York. This prompts his girlfriend, Holly (series star Amanda Bynes) to use money given to her by her sister for school in order to help get him a gig at a local club, where pop singer Jesse McCartney is performing. The fiasco convinces Holly to abandon college and become Ben's manager. De Lautour appears in several scenes of the episode.

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