Thursday, April 14, 2011

David de Lautour on "What I Like About You" - 17 (2005)

David de Lautour's (RJ, Jungle Fury) recurring role on "What I Like About You" continued in the 22nd episode of the third season episode, titled "The Kid, the Cake, and the Chemistry." He appeared as main character, Holly's, ex-boyfriend, Ben Sheffield. In the episode, Holly plans a birthday party for her other ex-boyfriend, Vince. She wants it to be a one-on-one romantic event but when he arrives with a date, Holly's jealousy takes over. She is forced to lie about it being a surprise party and rushes to get their friends to come over quickly. Ben sticks by her to be a supportive friend, even though he assumes he was purposely not invited. David de Lautour appeared in several scenes of the episode.

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