Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Eka Darville on "The Vampire Diaries" (2013)

Former Red Ranger, Eka Darville (Scott, RPM) popped up on the hit supernatural series "The Vampire Diaries" in last week's new episode, titled "The Originals." The episode finds vampire/werewolf Klaus visiting New Orleans, where he discovers that vampires live their lives out in the open. Klaus is reunited with Marcel, who seems to run the city, along with his gang of vampires. Eka Darville appeared throughout the episode, mostly in the background, as Diego, one of Marcel's vampire comrades. Diego comes to Marcel's defense on several occasions and when Klaus comes looking for him, Diego steps up, showing defiance at his demand. This episode of "The Vampire Diaries" was designed to set up the spin-off series, "The Originals," which will debut next season. Eka Darville is set to reprise his role as part of the new series.

 photo vampd-4x20-ed1_zps359fb9ac.jpg
 photo vampd-4x20-ed2_zpsc2196992.jpg  photo vampd-4x20-ed3_zps05df233f.jpg
 photo vampd-4x20-ed4_zpsbd6fb0d8.jpg
 photo vampd-4x20-ed5_zps1bee2f6a.jpg  photo vampd-4x20-ed6_zps2b17ba12.jpg
 photo vampd-4x20-ed7_zps3b263b89.jpg
 photo vampd-4x20-ed8_zpsde7b9d37.jpg  photo vampd-4x20-ed9_zps80175d6e.jpg
 photo vampd-4x20-ed10_zps5b824167.jpg
 photo vampd-4x20-ed11_zps7ab216e4.jpg  photo vampd-4x20-ed12_zpse2e0e6bc.jpg
 photo vampd-4x20-ed13_zps109cd4c2.jpg
 photo vampd-4x20-ed14_zpse6b7dd20.jpg  photo vampd-4x20-ed15_zpsb6c5027d.jpg
 photo vampd-4x20-ed16_zpsa07d12dc.jpg

Season 4 of "The Vampire Diaries" currently airs on THE CW

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Nikolai Nikolaeff on "Mr & Mrs Murder" (2013)

Nikolai Nikolaeff (Dominic, Jungle Fury) made a guest appearance on the quirky Australian crime comedy "Mr & Mrs Murder." Nikolaeff guest starred in the eighth episode titled "A Flare for Murder," which aired last month. The series follows a husband & wife team of crime scene cleaners who find themselves drawn into the investigations related to the crime scenes they are hired to clean up. This episode finds the couple, Charlie & Nicola, asking questions after a young sailor, Jenny Travers, is killed upon her return home after sailing around the world. The title stems from the fact that the young woman is shot with a flare gun. Nikolai Nikolaeff plays Trent Mahoney, a friend of Jenny's who piques Charlie & Nicola's interest very quickly, as they notice his hostile and withdrawn demeanor, especially around Jenny's best friend, Claire (guest star Jessica Tovey), who confides in Nicola that Trent was once romantically involved with Jenny, before moving onto Claire. However, later in the episode Nicola discovers that Claire is the killer, having fabricated her romance with Trent in her head. At the same time, Trent reveals to Nicola's husband, Charlie, that he was never involved with Claire and hints that he might still be together with Jenny if Claire didn't meddle in their lives. Charlie realizes Nicola is in danger on a boat with Claire and enlists Trent's help to chase after them on the water. A full zip of Nikolai Nikolaeff's screencaps are available to download below.

 photo mrampmrsm-1x8-nn1_zps5d28b6e7.jpg  photo mrampmrsm-1x8-nn3_zps2fcb4cc2.jpg
 photo mrampmrsm-1x8-nn5_zps64ab7a2d.jpg
 photo mrampmrsm-1x8-nn7_zps7c0abcc3.jpg  photo mrampmrsm-1x8-nn8_zps09241182.jpg
 photo mrampmrsm-1x8-nn13_zpsd0ec0352.jpg
 photo mrampmrsm-1x8-nn17_zps4f9a63fa.jpg  photo mrampmrsm-1x8-nn20_zpsc164e53a.jpg
 photo mrampmrsm-1x8-nn22_zpse57c9e63.jpg
 photo mrampmrsm-1x8-nn24_zps3a41eb47.jpg  photo mrampmrsm-1x8-nn26_zps43bb4859.jpg
 photo mrampmrsm-1x8-nn27_zpse257972a.jpg

Click Here to Download All 28 Screencaps
"Mr & Mrs Murder" can currently be seen in Australia

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Kimberley Crossman on "NCIS: Los Angeles" (2012)

A few weeks after Felix Ryan's appearance on "NCIS: Los Angeles," his Samurai co-star Kimberley Crossman (Lauren, Samurai) guest starred on the crime drama. Crossman appeared as a barista inside a coffee shop during the fourth season episode, titled "Dead Body Politic." As the title hints, the episode finds the NCIS crew investigating the death of a young man working on a heated political campaign. Lead character, Sam Hanna (series star LL Cool J) arrives at the coffee shop believing that a suspect who has been posting threatening messages about the campaign is present. Sam confuses Crossman's character with questions about how environmentally-friendly the coffee shop's supplies are. He begins to harass customers, while secretly glancing at their computer screens, until he finds the man he's looking for. The barista follows him around the place, trying to stop him from bothering customers. Kimberley Crossman appeared in only one scene of the episode. PR alum Ron Roggé also appeared on "NCIS: Los Angeles."

 photo ncisla-4x4-kc1_zpsb1a70a11.jpg  photo ncisla-4x4-kc2_zps4f76bffa.jpg
 photo ncisla-4x4-kc3_zpsd9328cc9.jpg
 photo ncisla-4x4-kc4_zps15305c8f.jpg  photo ncisla-4x4-kc5_zpsc7f9b472.jpg
 photo ncisla-4x4-kc6_zpsd8e5d78f.jpg
 photo ncisla-4x4-kc7_zpsc5f4b7b4.jpg  photo ncisla-4x4-kc8_zpsec7a0750.jpg
 photo ncisla-4x4-kc9_zpsbb663e1d.jpg
 photo ncisla-4x4-kc10_zps792a784f.jpg  photo ncisla-4x4-kc11_zps8dba0acd.jpg
 photo ncisla-4x4-kc12_zps6a2b5184.jpg
 photo ncisla-4x4-kc13_zps19e7b034.jpg  photo ncisla-4x4-kc14_zpsa540f024.jpg

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Commerical - Nakia Burrise for "State Farm"

Nakia Burrise (Tanya, Zeo-Turbo) added to her commercial resume with a role in a recent State Farm Insurance commercial. The advertisement features Burrise as a mother getting information on the insurance, when a mime interrupts, telling her how much he enjoys his State Farm Insurance. At that point, her character's young son chimes in, remarking about how strange it is for a mime to be talking, bringing up the irony of the toddler unexpectedly speaking, which catches both Burrise and her State Farm agent off-guard. Nakia Burrise appears throughout the thirty-second advertisement. You can view the official commerical on Youtube.

 photo cm-statefarm-nb1_zpsd3c5e585.jpg  photo cm-statefarm-nb2_zpsef8894d0.jpg
 photo cm-statefarm-nb3_zps4058006b.jpg
 photo cm-statefarm-nb4_zpsb0d009f5.jpg  photo cm-statefarm-nb5_zps9600275c.jpg
 photo cm-statefarm-nb6_zps4d721cb4.jpg
 photo cm-statefarm-nb7_zpsfb61516f.jpg  photo cm-statefarm-nb8_zpsfe80bab9.jpg
 photo cm-statefarm-nb9_zps6beb1af7.jpg

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