Monday, April 9, 2007

Walter Emanuel Jones in "Backyard Dogs" (2000)

Walter Jones (Zack, MMPR) starred in the independent film, "Backyard Dogs" which told the story of two friends seeking fame in backyard wrestling. With the help of a web-saavy beauty, the two make their dreams happen, despite the danger. Walter's martial arts background was used in many scenes. His character, Lee Takura, incorporated the techniques into his matches. Download the full zip at the bottom.




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"Backyard Dogs" is available on DVD

Emma Lahana on "Supernatural" (2007)

In her first post-PR role, Emma Lahana (Kira, Dino Thunder) turned up on a recent episode of the science fiction series "Supernatural" playing Jen, a college co-ed who interacts with the series stars in a bar, where she fills them in on the strange happenings that influence the week's plot. She appears in only one scene of the episode titled "Tall Tales."

Season 2 of "Supernatural" airs on The CW

Jennifer L. Yen in "Dark Assassin" (2006)

Jennifer L. Yen (Vypra, Lightspeed) appeared in this low-budget martial arts film written and directed by the film's star Jason Yee. The film was an homage to Bruce Lee and classic martial arts films of the 1970's. Jennifer played Kate, a forensics officer with the police department in the movie.

"Dark Assassin" is available on DVD

Alycia Purrott in "Black Christmas" (2006)

Former Pink Ranger, Alycia Purrott (Syd, SPD) appeared briefly in the 2006 horror remake, "Black Christmas." Alycia appeared in one scene early in the film, where she played a mental hospital candy striper in the film. While her character wasn't given a name, she did have a speaking role as she briefly encountered the film's psychotic killer, unbeknownst to her. However, it appeared that her voice was dubbed by a different actress.


"Black Christmas" is currently available on DVD

Jason Faunt on "Battleground: The Art of War" (2005)

Jason Faunt (Wes/Alex, Time Force) appeared on the short-lived Discovery Channel series "Battleground: The Art of War" in its first episode, "Alexander the Great" where Jason portrayed the title character. The series provided a historical look at the fierce warrior. Jason appeared in most of the scenes. Download the full zip of Jason caps at the bottom of the post.

* Special thanks to Shirley Chong for the screencaps.

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