Friday, March 23, 2012

Chris Violette on "The Firm" (2012)

Chris Violette (Sky, SPD) made a brief guest appearance on the NBC legal drama "The Firm," in the show's tenth episode, aptly-titled, "Chapter Ten." The series follows the life of attorney Mitch McDeere whose efforts in the courtroom have brought isolation and danger to him and his family. McDeere's past triumphs against the mob, continue to plague his life in the present, as young mob boss Joey Morolto Jr. plots against him without his knowledge. In this episode, Morolto finds his own leadership tested, as one of his men plans a power play that would include killing him. Chris Violette appears in two scenes as Dominic, the soldier behind the bold plot. Beaten badly, Dominic is present when Morolto calls all of his associates together, making sure they understand that he is to be taken seriously and he will not tolerate anyone who turns against him. Morolto shoots Dominic to death in front of his other men to prove his point. Violette had no lines during the episode. "The Firm" is filmed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Violette himself is a native of Ontario.

"The Firm" airs on NBC

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