Monday, May 24, 2010

Kevin Duhaney on "The Bridge" (2010)

Kevin Duhaney (Ethan, Dino Thunder) turned up on the Canadian cop drama "The Bridge" last month. Duhaney guest starred as a young cop named Wes in the show's sixth episode titled "God Bless the Child." Wes is partnered with Ben (guest star Aaron Ashmore) when they are dispatched to check on the validity of a missing child call in the low-income projects, despite not being stationed in that district. On the way, Wes talks about his own daughter getting into danger after he took his eye off her for a second. When they arrive, they encounter angry neighbors who are upset with the late response. The two cops try to get control of the rising tension when two trouble-makers bash their police car. Wes chases after the duo and gets injured in the process. Duhaney appears in three scenes during the show's first fifteen minutes. Aaron Ashmore's character continues the missing child investigation with Frank Leo (series star Aaron Douglas), as his partner recovers. Kevin Duhaney & Aaron Ashmore appeared together in the film "Treed Murray."

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