Friday, January 11, 2013

Steven Skyler on "Glee" - 5 (2012)

Steven Skyler (Antonio, Samurai) reprised his role as a member of the Dalton Academy Warblers during the third season of the musical comedy "Glee." Skyler, credited as 'Warbler #2,' appears on stage with his school's glee club to perform against the show's main stars, the New Directions at the Show Choir Regionals competition. Given the fast-paced choreography and constant movement of The Warblers, Skyler's appearance is hard to catch, given his background role. His character is usually seen in close proximity to fellow guest star Grant Gustin, who plays lead Warbler, Sebastian. Skyler appears in three scenes of the episode, titled "On My Way," which ends The Warbler's attempt at show choir glory, as they lose Regionals to New Directions, for the second time.


Season 3 of "Glee" is available on DVD

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