Friday, January 23, 2009

Erin Cahill in "Boogeyman 3" (2008)

In this super-sized entry, Erin Cahill (Jen, Time Force) stars in the new DVD release "Boogeyman 3." Cahill stars as Sarah, a college psych student with a popular campus radio show. When Sarah's close friend returns to school after the death of her father, she claims that the Boogeyman is after her. Sarah starts to believe when she witnesses the co-ed's death at the hands of the sinister creature, which no one else sees. Sarah delves into the mystery of the Boogeyman and how his existence feeds off the fear of those around him. As she tries to fight her own fears over her mother's prior suicide, the Boogeyman starts claiming the lives of her friends, who begin to believe as well thanks to Sarah's claims. Cahill appears in almost every scene of the film, after the first ten minutes. The first film in the "Boogeyman" franchise was also featured here on the blog, since it featured SPD's Aaron James Murphy.

"Boogeyman 3" is available on DVD

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Michelle Langstone on "McLeod's Daughters" - 7 (2006)

Michelle Langstone (Kat, SPD) continued her recurring role on "McLeod's Daughters" in the eleventh episode of the show's sixth season. In the episode "Biting the Bullet," her character Fiona Webb stops to help the newest McLeod woman to arrive on the scene when she has a flat tire. But as Fiona finishes, she trips and falls, hitting her chest on the car's tow bar. She's taken to the hospital and learns the injury isn't severe. The examination, however, reveals a tumor on her uterus. In short, she finds out that she can't have children. Of course at the same time, she & her fiancé Alex (series regular Aaron Jeffrey) are babysitting Alex's niece which has them talking about starting their own family. In the end Fiona decides to keep the news a secret from her soon-to-be husband. Given her prominent role in this episode, a full zip of her screencaps is available below.

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Season 6 of "McLeod's Daughters" is available on DVD

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Sandra McCoy in "Lost Signal" (2007)

Sandra McCoy (Kendall, Wild Force) starred in the recent direct-to-dvd thriller "Lost Signal," which is based on a true story. McCoy plays Tiffany, a recent grad who is ready to move in with her boyfriend Kevin. The two attend a New Year's Eve party and Tiffany is pressured by her boyfriend to experiment with crystal meth. On their way home, Kevin drives their car off the road, after thinking he sees someone in the back seat. This leads the two into the snowy forest, where they find themselves hallucinating as they brave the elements and a sinister force that may or may not be real. They attempt to call for help but their drug-enduced haze causes even more confusion for them and the police trying to find them. Ultimately Tiffany finds herself on the run from her own boyfriend who seemingly goes crazy.

"Lost Signal" is available on DVD under the title "Dead of Winter"

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