Thursday, February 7, 2013

Emma Lahana on "Arctic Air" - 2 (2013)

Emma Lahana (Kira, Dino Thunder) returned to "Arctic Air" in the third episode of the Canadian drama's second season, titled "Open Season." Lahana continued her role as Alex, a helicopter mechanic. Alex gets a social wake-up call from veteran mechanic, Cece Cooper, who informs her that her flirtatious behavior may be presenting problems for her newlywed co-worker Kirby and his wife. This leads to some tension between the two mechanics as they debate the durability of Cece's older aircraft versus the newer models serviced by Alex. The two are both aboard an Artic Air plane when it malfunctions, requiring them to work together. Alex finds herself out of her element, having little experience with the plane and Cece steps in, showing her some old tricks to get the plane back into a safe position to land, all while the plane is flying in midair. Alex denies Kirby her attention and confides in Cece that she would never break up anyone's marriage. Lahana appears in several scenes of the episode. A full zip of her screencaps is available to download below.


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Season 2 of "Arctic Air" airs on CBC (Canada)

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