Sunday, January 1, 2012

Alycia Purrott on "Psych" (2011)

Alycia Purrott (Syd, SPD) guest starred on the USA Network crime series "Psych," during the sixth season episode titled "Dead Man's Curveball," which finds the Psych investigators hitting the baseball field to find the culprit behind a sabotaged drug test. Things escalate when the sabotaged player is later murdered. Purrott appears in a few scenes as the unnamed wife of the team's pitcher, Rodriguez. When Shawn (series star James Roday) notices her flirting with the sabotaged player and remembers her leaving a bar with a different player, he realizes that jealousy may have been a motive but when he announces it amongst the team on the field, Rodriguez reveals she's his wife, who apparently has been cheating on him with several players on the team. This leads to a brawl amongst the team in the middle of the game. The affairs are later shown to have no connection to the sabotage or murder. Purrott appears again in the final scene, where Rodriguez catches her flirting with a janitor in the stands. Despite her screentime, Alycia Purrott has no lines. Emma Lahana was previously featured for appearing on "Psych."

Season 6 of "Psych" airs on USA Network

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