Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Alycia Purrott on "Animorphs" (2000)

Alycia Purrott (Syd, SPD) appeared as an extra on the teen science fiction series "Animorphs" during the show's second season. Purrott appeared in the episode titled "My Name is Erek." The show follows a group of teens who are able to transform (or morph) into any animal that they touch. In this episode two of the Animorphs, Marco and Jake (played by Shawn Ashmore) transform into mice to sneak into a movie. They are attracted to a plate of nachos and begin eating. Alycia Purrott is the unlucky patron who discovers the mice in her food and screams, throwing the entire tray across the theater, causing a panic. Purrott appears briefly in only one scene and has no formal lines. The show was filmed in Purrott's native country of Canada.

* Thanks to Zach for the sighting!

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