Friday, August 30, 2013

Richard Brancatisano on "Dance Academy" (2013)

Richard Brancatisano (Xander, Mystic Force) began a multi-episode stint on the Australian drama which follows the lives of a group of young dancers, navigating life's struggles while trying to make their performance dreams come true. Brancatisano made his debut in the sixth episode of the show's third season, currently airing in Australia. Brancatisano plays Rhys O'Leary, a popular actor who gets everyone excited upon his arrival at the Sydney National Dance Academy, as he and his team are looking to cast professional dancers for a film starring Rhys. Brancatisano appears in several scenes throughout the half-hour episode, as he deals with the starstruck dancers and apparently flirts with gay dancer, Ollie, who is happy to flirt back, despite a warning from his friend Abigail, who is looking to gain a role in the film. Rhys is present at Abigail's audition, but she is soon upstaged by another pal, who is just trying to help. The series stars Dena Kaplan & Jordan Rodrigues who can currently be seen on NBC's Summer series "Camp," starring another PR alum, Nikolai Nikolaeff.

 photo dancea-3x6-rb1_zps9cc1f41b.jpg
 photo dancea-3x6-rb2_zpscb52fcec.jpg  photo dancea-3x6-rb3_zpsafc3b687.jpg
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 photo dancea-3x6-rb5_zps2d7e24a8.jpg  photo dancea-3x6-rb6_zps0031b54d.jpg
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Season 3 of "Dance Academy" currently airs on ABC3 (Australia)

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