Friday, October 14, 2011

Brandon Jay McLaren on "The Killing" - 4 (2011)

Brandon Jay McLaren (Jack, SPD) continued his role on AMC's "The Killing," in the crime drama's fifth episode titled, "Super 8." McLaren guest starred as Bennet Ahmed, the teacher of Rosie Larsen, the murdered teenager whose death is at the heart of the mystery series. Detectives Linden & Holder confront Bennet after Linden's discovery of letters he had written to Rosie hidden in her room in the previous episode. Bennet claims the letters to be a harmless technique he used with the shy teenager to get her to express herself, which she was too scared to do in class. The detectives, however, don't seem to buy his story and discover he also doesn't have an alibi for the night of Rosie's murder. They head to Bennet's home to question his pregnant wife, who was also a former student of his. While there, Linden discovers chemicals Bennet claimed to use in a flooring project. A toxicology report later shows that Rosie had the chemical applied to various parts of her body. Bennet is last seen arm-in-arm with the campaigning Darren Richmond, who also holds ties to Rosie's case. Despite his character's major role in the episode, McLaren appears in only two scenes.

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