Saturday, November 20, 2010

Adelaide Kane in "Secrets of the Mountain" (2010)

Adelaide Kane (Tenaya, RPM) starred in the NBC television movie, "Secrets of the Mountain." Kane appeared as Jade Ann James, the teenage daughter of lawyer, Dana James, who discovers that she's inherited a piece of land that belonged to her uncle. She travels to the remote mountain area with her three kids, including Jade who bickers with her brother over some hidden conflict she refuses to tell her mother about. When they arrive, they discover that Dana's uncle is still alive. They are soon thrust into the intriguing mystery of the mountains around his home. Despite their conflict, Jade and her brother Jake team-up and discover a way into the caverns of the mountain, where treasure may lie. They are soon joined by their mother & little sister...and a dangerous man who wishes to have the secret treasure for himself, even if it means hurting the James family. As they try to survive, Jade finally reveals to her mother that she was humiliated at school and Jake didn't bother to come to her defense. However, he later saves her life, allowing them to mend their troubles.

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