Thursday, December 26, 2013

Michael Copon in "Killer Holiday" (2013)

Michael Copon (Lucas, Time Force) played the starring role in "Killer Holiday," his latest horror film which he also produced, along with its writer & director, Marty Thomas. Unlike most horror films, this one is told mostly from the killer's perspective, as Copon's character Melvin 'Spider' Holiday goes on a killing spree, targeting a group of spring breakers who find themselves stalked at an abandoned amusement park. Spider preys on the teens, as his motives for the crimes are slowly revealed through flashbacks to his childhood, involving a young girl and Spider's first murder. Copon appears throughout the film. A full zip of his screencaps is available to download below.

 photo killerh-mc3_zpsb941e4a8.jpg  photo killerh-mc6_zps01790ec6.jpg
 photo killerh-mc8_zps34a9f80e.jpg
 photo killerh-mc9_zps02eec843.jpg  photo killerh-mc11_zpse9fd3c06.jpg
 photo killerh-mc14_zpsce780fea.jpg
 photo killerh-mc16_zpsc3e97f8f.jpg  photo killerh-mc20_zpsf1f1da44.jpg
 photo killerh-mc25_zpsc8f05a0b.jpg
 photo killerh-mc28_zps1bee6d32.jpg  photo killerh-mc30_zpsbae9cfaf.jpg
 photo killerh-mc33_zps4aea571c.jpg
 photo killerh-mc35_zpsfb774e85.jpg  photo killerh-mc37_zps14aa287d.jpg
 photo killerh-mc38_zps5f238bfd.jpg
 photo killerh-mc41_zpscd9819e7.jpg  photo killerh-mc46_zps981bb951.jpg
 photo killerh-mc48_zps232dcba2.jpg
 photo killerh-mc52_zps2253edba.jpg  photo killerh-mc54_zps1ed4a92d.jpg
 photo killerh-mc59_zpsa1b73ece.jpg
 photo killerh-mc62_zps35795abb.jpg  photo killerh-mc65_zps475eb896.jpg
 photo killerh-mc69_zps599e7359.jpg

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"Killer Holiday" is available on DVD

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