Monday, March 21, 2011

Dwayne Cameron in "Cockle" (2005) - Short Film

Dwayne Cameron (Tyzonn, Overdrive) starred in the short film "Cockle," where he played the title character. The story follows Cockle, a young soldier who is forced to parachute into a remote New Zealand plateau. He experiences a head injury upon impact and begins to have visions of people from his past and how they affected who he became. He eventually chases one of his tormentors away from the volcanic plateau and collapses on a road, where a family finds him. The short film was written and directed by Brendan Donovan and also featured Dwayne Cameron's "The Tribe" co-star, Laura Wilson, who appears briefly as a girl from Cockle's past. The 10 minute short film, "Cockle," is available to view on Youtube.

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