Sunday, October 20, 2013

Walter Emanuel Jones on "Mighty Med" (2013)

The new Disney XD series "Mighty Med" got a visit from an actor with a Mighty past of his own. Former Black Ranger Walter Jones (Zack, MMPR) appeared in a small role during the first episode, titled "Saving the People Who Save People." The series follows two young comic book geeks, Kaz & Oliver, who stumble upon a secret hospital, where their favorite comic book heroes go to heal themselves after trying to save the world from evil. After learning that superheroes are real, they get a dose of reality when they see The Crusher brought in at death's door. Walter Jones plays a Mighty Med doctor first seen examining with an invisible patient. The doctor steps in to try to resuscitate The Crusher, with no luck. Kaz & Oliver use their knowledge of The Crusher comic books to figure out that the hero's heart has fallen to his feet. Kaz zaps him back to life, drawing the applause of the Mighty Med staff. Jones' doctor character tries to celebrate with The Crusher, only for his high five attempt to send him flying across the room, due to The Crusher's super strength. Disney XD is no stranger to hiring PR alums for stunt-related roles, given their other series "Kickin' It" and "Lab Rats."

 photo mightym-1x1-wej1_zps24f089e1.jpg  photo mightym-1x1-wej2_zpsf418a88c.jpg
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"Mighty Med" currently airs on DISNEY XD

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