Monday, July 15, 2013

Chris Violette on "Saving Hope" (2013)

Chris Violette (Sky, SPD) appeared on the most recent episode of the Canadian medical drama "Saving Hope." Violette played Mark Forsythe in the third episode of the second season, titled "Why Waste Time." The episode finds one of the show's main characters, Dr. Joel Goran (played by Daniel Gillies) called upon to check out the knee of rising tennis star, Rikki Wilkins. He's introduced to her overbearing father, Doug, and Rikki's coach, played by Violette. Joel discovers damage to the girl's knee that requires surgery, but gets resistance from her father who does not want to derail her rising (and lucrative) career ambitions. Violette appears in only one scene of the episode, as his character is shown to have little power over Doug's control of his daughter and her career, despite the pain she's in. Ultimately, Joel convinces Rikki to have the surgery and move beyond her father's tight grasp. Series star Daniel Gillies can be seen this fall in "The Vampire Diaries" spin-off "The Originals," which will feature another PR alum, Eka Darville. "Saving Hope" is produced and filmed in Violette's native Ontario, Canada.

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Season 2 of "Saving Hope" currently airs on CTV (Canada)

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