Friday, July 6, 2012

Richard Brancatisano & Adam Tuominen on "Underbelly: Razor" (2011)

The fourth episode of "Underbelly's" fourth series, titled "The Damage Done," sees the return of Richard Brancatisano (Xander, Mystic Force) to his starring role as fruit and vegetable vendor, Guido Caletti, who plays a big role in this episode. He learns of the death of Norman Bruhn, who had taken a romantic hold on Nellie Cameron, whom Guido still holds a torch for. Guido runs off to find Nellie, only to see her in the arms of Frank Green, which doesn't sit well with him. Guido continues to pursue Nellie, despite Frank's warnings, leading to a fight after Guido professes his intention to own Nellie for himself. Guido gets the upper hand in the street brawl, which ends with him pulling Nellie away after beating up Frank. Adam Tuominen (Hunter, Ninja Storm) reprises his role as Frank "Razor Jack" Hayes, the explosives expert who was a part of Norman Bruhn's razor gang. Razor Jack shows off his explosive temper, unleashing it on his own comrade, John "Snowy" Cutmore, whom he believes may have killed Norman. Razor Jack is annoyed when Snowy claims leadership of the gang in the wake of Norman's death and when he confronts him about his role in the murder, things get heated with Razor Jack pulling his blade on Snowy and renouncing his membership in the gang. Razor Jack leaves town, never to be seen again. Richard Brancatisano's role as Guido, however, would continue. A full zip of Brancatisano's screencaps is available to download below.

Richard Brancatisano

Adam Tuominen

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