Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Brandon Jay McLaren on "The Killing" - 3 (2011)

Brandon Jay McLaren (Jack, SPD) continued his role as high school teacher Bennet Ahmed on the AMC mystery drama "The Killing," appearing in the show's fourth episode titled, "A Soundless Echo." McLaren appeared in two scenes of the episode, but it proves to be pivotal for his character, as the detectives continue to investigate the mysterious murder of Ahmed's student, Rosie Larsen. Ahmed is at the school when he finds Rosie's mother (series star Michelle Forbes) staring at her daughter's locker, where other students have put messages and mementos for Rosie. Ahmed tells Mrs. Larsen how much he admired her daughter and even gives her a book of poetry that was Rosie's favorite. At the same time, lead detective Sarah Linden is searching Rosie's bedroom once again and finds handwritten letters to the teenager, written by Ahmed. Meanwhile, Linden's partner, Detective Holder follows Rosie's routine trips to a distant part of town, where he discovers the murdered teen often took those trips with her teacher, Bennet Ahmed.

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