Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tom Hern, Antonia Prebble, Beth Allen & James Napier on "The Tribe" (2002)

"The Tribe's" fourth series continued with it's third episode, which found the Power Ranger alums all thinking about their next moves. Tom Hern (Devin, Dino Thunder) continued in his role, as the villain, Ram, the head of the invading Technos. He moves forward with his next plan of action in dealing with the city and it's a sneaky plot. When the former Mosquito, Dee, has a run-in with one of Ram's Technos, the young, cocky Ved, she steals his communications device and takes it to Ebony at the mall. They think they've gotten the upper hand on their new enemies, but don't realize that Ram is listening on the other end, just as he planned. Outside the city, Trudy, played by Antonia Prebble (Clare, Mystic Force) continues to watch over Amber as she rests after giving birth to her son. When Amber awakens Trudy tells her they need to leave before the Technos return. Amber wants to wait for Bray, leaving Trudy no choice but to tell Amber that Bray was probably captured by the Technos. Amber doesn't believe her, until Trudy shows her the ring Amber gave him and she knows he wouldn't leave it behind by choice. Beth Allen (Vella, Overdrive) continues her role as Amber and after giving her baby a name, Bray Jr., she agrees with Trudy that they have to get their children away from the new conflict. Back in the city, James Napier (Conner, Dino Thunder) appears in a couple of scenes as Jay, Ram's loyal general. Jay reports to Ram on how the takeover of the city is progressing, while also trying to control his younger brother, Ved, who monopolizes the computers for games. Jay makes it clear they should be focusing on their work to secure the city.

Tom Hern

Antonia Prebble

Beth Allen

James Napier

Series 4 of "The Tribe" is available on DVD (Non-U.S.)

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