Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Emma Lahana on "Hellcats" - 5 (2011)

Emma Lahana (Kira, Dino Thunder) reprised her role on The CW drama "Hellcats," during the show's thirteenth episode, titled "Worried Baby Blues." The title refers to the storyline involving her character, Charlotte Monroe, the 19 year-old pregnant sister of main character Savannah (series star Ashley Tisdale). Savannah brings Charlotte some vitamins and a baby book, only to discover that she hasn't seen a doctor or told their parents of her pregnancy. Feeling pressure from her sister, Charlotte withdraws, leaving Savannah no choice but to tell their mother herself. The Monroe family drama spills over and Charlotte tries to run away to Savannah, who demands she go home, so they can deal with the situation as a family. The Monroes finally get past all of their conflicts, thanks to Savannah, and agree to come together to help Charlotte with her baby. Emma Lahana appeared in three scenes of the episode.

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