Saturday, February 13, 2010

Emma Lahana in "Polar Storm" (2009)

Former Yellow Ranger, Emma Lahana (Kira, Dino Thunder) played a supporting role in last year's science fiction T.V. movie "Polar Storm." Lahana played the role of Zoe in the film, which follows a scientist's efforts to save the planet after a passing comet disturbs Earth's magnetic field, causing devastating waves that fry anything connected to technology. While Dr. Mayfield (played by Heroes star Jack Coleman) tries to stop the geological menace, his son Shane and new wife are caught in the middle as their town is ground zero for the phenomenon. Zoe & Shane seem to have a connection, which is often stifled by Shane's rivalry with Zoe's boyfriend, whose death they witness in one of the first waves. Shane later convinces Zoe & her father to leave town with his stepmother, knowing they aren't safe. When they run into another wave on the road, Zoe is crushed when it interferes with her father's pacemaker, killing him. In the end, Shane's quick thinking does manage to save Zoe and his stepmother. Emma Lahana's love interest, Shane, is played by Tyler Johnston, whom she appeared with in "Slap Shot 3: Junior League."

"Polar Storm" is available on DVD

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