Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Nic Sampson on "Step Dave" (2014)

Nic Sampson (Chip, Mystic Force) joined fellow PR alum Kimberley Crossman on the New Zealand comedy "Step Dave." Sampson made his debut in the show's second episode, titled "Early Days." As the relationship between the lead characters, Dave & Cara begins to truly take shape, Dave's roommate and best friend Azza finds himself dealing with problems at work. Azza competes with Betty, who shows she's not afraid to get dirty. She plays a prank, telling Azza that it's a theme day at work. When he shows up outside of his business attire, he is reprimanded by their boss Hamish, played by Nic Sampson. The former Yellow Ranger can be seen in the background of scenes at the office throughout the episode. Azza tries to get back at Betty by causing her computer to malfunction. When she claims that it's gotten her fired, he feels bad and confesses to Hamish, who is not pleased to hear about any pranks going on in his office. Betty reveals she never told Hamish about the prank, forcing Azza to get himself into trouble yet again.

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