Saturday, September 28, 2013

John Mark Loudermilk on "The Middle" (2013)

The newest Blue Ranger appeared on the newest episode of "The Middle." John Mark Loudermilk (Noah, Megaforce) made a brief appearance on the fifth season premiere of the family comedy, "The Middle." The episode titled "The Drop Off," finds main character Frankie Heck (series star Patricia Heaton) attempting to organize a trip to drop off her oldest son, Axl, at college, something she wants to do as a family to create an iconic family moment. The 40-minute car trip turns into a 3-hour disaster as she realizes Axl didn't buy any supplies, her daughter Sue's essay didn't get turned in on time, and her young son Brick can't keep up with his brand new cellphone. The family navigates all of these obstacles and gets Axl to college. John Mark Loudermilk plays a student, who pops into Axl's room to announce a party, not realizing Axl's parents are present. He rushes off after seeing them, but it's all Axl needs to hear, as he scurries off to have fun, leaving his family, and Frankie's hope for a perfect family moment, unfulfilled. "The Middle" is no stranger to PR guest stars. Ron Roggé appeared in last year's season premiere. Nakia Burrise and Loudermilk's Megaforce co-star Azim Rizk also previously appeared on the series. This is Loudermilk's first television role outside of Power Rangers.

 photo middle-5x1-jml1_zps719e1882.jpg
 photo middle-5x1-jml2_zps84070a54.jpg  photo middle-5x1-jml3_zps9d60cd0a.jpg
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Season 5 of "The Middle" currently airs on ABC

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

David de Lautour on "Mom" (2013)

David de Lautour (RJ, Jungle Fury) guest starred on the series premiere of the new comedy, "Mom." The series centers around Christy (series star Anna Faris), a newly-sober single mom who begrudgingly reunites with her estranged formerly-alcoholic mother, in an effort to keep her family from falling apart, given her poor decisions. After running into each other at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in the pilot episode, Christy and her mother, Bonnie (series star Allison Janney), go to a diner, looking to catch-up, which Christy is not interested in. David de Lautour appears as Greg, the waiter who serves the two, as they continue to bicker. Bonnie flirts with Greg, who sides with her, further infuriating Christy. Greg reappears at the end of the episode, as Bonnie reveals to Christy she has a date with him.

 photo mom-1x1-dd1_zps640ca1aa.jpg  photo mom-1x1-dd2_zps0699cb39.jpg
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 photo mom-1x1-dd7_zps95e8b2fe.jpg  photo mom-1x1-dd8_zpsf1435d52.jpg
 photo mom-1x1-dd9_zps4d8bcd7f.jpg
 photo mom-1x1-dd10_zps69e73728.jpg  photo mom-1x1-dd11_zps5d1cabdd.jpg
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 photo mom-1x1-dd16_zpsadf455f2.jpg  photo mom-1x1-dd17_zpsf51588b5.jpg
 photo mom-1x1-dd18_zpsb322756d.jpg

"Mom" currently airs on CBS

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ian Harcourt on "Xena: Warrior Princess" (2000)

Xena and Gabrielle contend with a tribe of cannibals in the sixth season episode "The Abyss." In an effort to reunite with their friend Virgil, Xena & Gabrielle discover that he's been taken hostage by cannibals. In the ensuing battle, Gabrielle is gravely injured, leaving Xena to try to keep her alive, as they confront the emotions of their relationship. Meanwhile, Virgil finds himself locked away, where he meets Rubio, played by Ian Harcourt (Mr. Burley, Megaforce). Rubio informs Virgil that he's stayed alive the longest because of his frailty, making him less appetizing than other targets of the cannibals. Xena arranges for Gabrielle to be caught by the cannibals, in an effort to get her some help with her wounds. Xena follows the tribe to their home, where she helps Gabrielle, Virgil and Rubio escape. Rubio rides out of the village with Xena and her allies, but is surprised when Xena decides to set a trap to destroy the cannibals before they can hunt down anymore prey.

 photo xena-6x6-ih1_zps073b623a.jpg
 photo xena-6x6-ih2_zps62e1b734.jpg  photo xena-6x6-ih3_zps4945286e.jpg
 photo xena-6x6-ih4_zps58d06d29.jpg
 photo xena-6x6-ih5_zps33f8acc4.jpg  photo xena-6x6-ih6_zps6f2e3bbb.jpg
 photo xena-6x6-ih7_zpse27162e9.jpg
 photo xena-6x6-ih8_zps18c3ac8b.jpg  photo xena-6x6-ih9_zps5869b32a.jpg
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 photo xena-6x6-ih11_zps9cfee41c.jpg  photo xena-6x6-ih12_zpsf182892f.jpg
 photo xena-6x6-ih13_zps2e15532a.jpg
 photo xena-6x6-ih14_zps0629fea6.jpg  photo xena-6x6-ih15_zpsce9d28c5.jpg
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 photo xena-6x6-ih17_zpsc1488254.jpg  photo xena-6x6-ih18_zps9f8fa318.jpg
 photo xena-6x6-ih19_zpsde3f4ea8.jpg
 photo xena-6x6-ih20_zps1fd7fd13.jpg  photo xena-6x6-ih21_zpsf0237572.jpg
 photo xena-6x6-ih22_zps1f152c85.jpg

Season 6 of "Xena: Warrior Princess" is available on DVD

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