Thursday, May 22, 2014

Commercial: Christina Masterson for "Coca-Cola"

Current Pink Ranger, Christina Masterson (Emma, Megaforce) can be seen in commercials for Coca-Cola, promoting their new Sixer pack. Masterson can be seen sitting amongst a group of friends enjoying some food when one of them offers to bring refreshments. Masterson's unnamed character is one of them who agrees to a Coca-Cola. The commercial shows off the new Sixer pack of Coca-Cola, which allows for easier fridge storage. Christina Masterson doesn't have any lines during the 15-second advertisement and can be seen sitting in the center of the group at the beginning and end of the commercial. You can watch the full commercial on Youtube.

 photo cm-cocacola-cm1_zps93dc7e99.jpg  photo cm-cocacola-cm2_zps08480437.jpg
 photo cm-cocacola-cm3_zpsf2b6f8d1.jpg
 photo cm-cocacola-cm4_zpsbb0d8129.jpg  photo cm-cocacola-cm5_zps4048b253.jpg

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