Monday, January 4, 2010

Ilia Volok on "The Unit" (2006)

Wild Force villain Ilia Volok (Dr. Viktor Adler/Master Org, Wild Force) guest starred on the military drama "The Unit" during the show's second season. Volok appeared in the episode "Extreme Rendition," where he played Deputy Grubo, a guard inside a prison in Bulgaria, which the unit infiltrates in an effort to recapture a rogue member of the elite group. But when he escapes before they can make their move, things get complicated. Bob Brown (played by Scott Foley) is sent in, impersonating a prisoner and Deputy Grubo is attached to him, until they discover the prisoner escape. The unit's commander Jonas Blane (played by Dennis Haysbert) uses his cover to assist the prison staff in trying to apprehend the prisoner, which throws them off the trail long enough for his team to extract the renegade. Volok appears in several scenes during the first half of the episode.

Season 2 of "The Unit" is available on DVD

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Phillip Jeanmarie on "Workshop" - 4 (2009)

Phillip Jeanmarie (Max, Wild Force) continued his starring role as Adam Saltair on the web series "Workshop" in the fourth episode, titled "The Signature Move." Adam attends another workshop with his actor buddies, where they meet Adam's roommate Jeff's actor friend Flagstaff, who turns out to be the creepy guy that flirted with Kaitlyn in the previous episode. She tries to avoid him as he joins the gang in their workshop, but they get forced into working together. During some exercises one of Adam's friends, Vivian is worried because she's trying out for a role that requires a Texan accent. She's already been trying to hide her English accent, and not very well. Adam & Sarah agree to help her get better at it, but Vivian's practice makes it apparent to them that she won't succeed. Phillip Jeanmarie is featured in two scenes of the seven minute episode.

Episode 4 of "Workshop" is available on youtube

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Brandon Jay McLaren on "The Wanda Sykes Show" (2009)

Former Red Ranger Brandon Jay McLaren (Jack, SPD) appeared briefly on "The Wanda Sykes Show" in a skit which parodied the popular series "To Catch a Predator." But in Wanda Sykes' version, she sets out to catch "Cougars," older women who seek to date much younger men. McLaren is a major part of the setup, playing Darrell, the 24 year-old decoy that lures the mature woman into his home, where she is exposed by Wanda Sykes' version of Chris Matthews from the popular Dateline specials. McLaren appears on-screen for only about a minute but has several lines in the scene. The sketch aired during the show's sixth episode.

"The Wanda Sykes Show" is currently airing on FOX

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Jason Smith on "Home and Away" - 15 (2006)

Jason Smith's (Casey, Jungle Fury) character, Robbie Hunter, found himself full of fury in Episode #4147. After his wife Tasha's collapse at their wedding reception, Robbie is worried about her health. But Tasha is more worried about the truth. She learns from the doctor that she's pregnant, even though she & Robbie haven't slept together. Tasha realizes the pregnancy is a result of her time in the cult known as The Believers. When she tells Robbie about the rape & pregnancy, the usually-sensitive joker is out for blood. He goes to the prison where Tasha's rapist, Jonah is being held. Robbie demands to see him but he's stopped by the guards outside. When he tries to force his way inside, he's thrown out. He then runs into another former member of the cult, Charity who tells him about the mayor's connection to The Believers, which gives Robbie his next target.

"Home and Away" currently airs on Seven Network (Australia)

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Jason Hoyte on "Xena: Warrior Princess" (2000)

Before he appeared as Flynn's dad on Power Rangers: RPM, Jason Hoyte (Mr. McAllistair, RPM) played the villainous god Hephaestus in the Hercules/Xena universe. The son of the wicked Hera, Hephaestus was known as the craftsman of the gods, creating many of their unbeatable weapons. Hephaestus made his last appearance in the universe on "Xena: Warrior Princess" during the show's fifth season. In the episode "Looking Death in the Eye," the new mother, Xena is fed up with trying to protect herself and her baby from the gods, who seek to destroy the baby girl. Xena tangles with a trio of gods, including Hephaestus and manages to convince them that she & Gabrielle have perished, along with the baby in order to stop their endless pursuit and begin the legendary Twilight. Jason Hoyte appears throughout this episode. Stephen Lovatt (voice of Hamhock, Jungle Fury) also appears in the episode playing the god Hades.

Season 5 of "Xena: Warrior Princess" is available on DVD

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