Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ron Roggé in "Pendulum" (2001)

Ron Roggé (Captain Mitchell, Lightspeed) played a small supporting role in the 2001 Independent film "Pendulum." Roggé portrays Barnes, a police detective who takes part in several sting operations attempting to bust a serial killer of prostitutes in Texas. Roggé appears in several scenes, although his character is not integral to the plot. Roggé appears in scenes alongside the film's star Rachel Hunter.

"Pendulum" is available on DVD

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Ilia Volok on "Las Vegas" (2008)

Ilia Volok (Master Org, Wild Force) made a guest appearance on the current season of "Las Vegas." Volok appeared as Rudy Vinovich, a Russian businessman with some dangerous ties in the episode titled "2 on 2." Rudy comes to Las Vegas and begins betting on a basketball tournament involving Danny & Mike (series regulars Josh Duhamel & James Lesure). When Rudy's team loses to the duo, they end up dead and he takes a liking to Danny & Mike's teamwork, leading them to believe they may be next to die if they don't win the tournament. Volok is the second Wild Force actor to be featured on the blog from "Las Vegas." Jessica Rey was the first.

Season 5 of "Las Vegas" currently airs on NBC

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Richard Brancatisano on "Home and Away" (2007)

Former Green Ranger Richard Brancatisano (Xander, Mystic Force) guest starred on the long-running Australian soap "Home and Away" in January of 2007. Brancatisano played Theo Barrett, who drops into the life of Belle (series regular Jessica Tovey) just as she's having romantic troubles. Theo flirts with her relentlessly and later 'rescues' Belle only to take her hostage. Brancatisano appears in four scenes of the episode. Theo is a hired gun for the bigger villain and gets paid off at the end, making a return improbable.

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Keith Robinson in "Comanche Moon" - 3 (2008)

The final installment of the "Comanche Moon" miniseries takes place seven years after part 2. Not much has changed in the life of Keith Robinson's (Joel, Lightspeed) character Joshua Deets. He still rides with the Texas Rangers but does join them in a new responsibility. The Rangers all help in the raising of young Newt, the son of fellow Ranger Woodrow Call (played by Karl Urban) who has not taken responsibility for the child due to his fractured relationship with Newt's mother. Robinson appears in several scenes.

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