Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dwayne Cameron, Antonia Prebble & Beth Allen on "The Tribe" - 8 (1999)

Episode 8 of "The Tribe" is filled with twists and turns for the three PR actors starring on the series, given all of them ample screen time. Antonia Prebble (Clare, Mystic Force) continues in her role as Trudy. It is revealed in this episode that Bray isn't the father of her baby girl and the true father is Zoot, the leader of the evil Locos. Dwayne Cameron (Tyzonn, Overdrive) plays Bray, who brings Zoot into the mall to see Trudy & his child. Bray tries to convince Zoot to leave the Locos and take care of his family, but when the others learn Zoot is there, a skirmish results in Zoot's death. Beth Allen's (Vella, Overdrive) character Amber is also front and center in the aftermath, as she helps Bray organize a burial for Zoot to bring closure to Trudy and her baby. At the ceremony, a saddened Bray reveals that Zoot was actually his younger brother.

Dwayne Cameron

Antonia Prebble

Beth Allen

Season 1 of "The Tribe" is available on DVD (Region 2; Australia)

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