Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Monica Louwerens in "Neverland" (2003)

Monica Louwerens (Ms. Fairweather, Lightspeed) played a small role in the independent movie "Neverland." The film is a modern take on the Peter Pan fairy tale. When three adopted minority children meet Peter and his dust-dealer Tinkerbell, they tag along to Neverland, an amusement park where they meet Peter's friends who never plan to grow up or be slaves to parents, until Wendy helps them see the futility of their lifestyle. The group goes to see Peter's friend Tiger Lily, a drag queen who performs on stage at the park. Louwerens is credited as "Indian," one of the dancers in Tiger Lily's stage show. She dances on-screen and appears in one subsequent scene hanging out with Peter and his friends, but she has no speaking lines in the film.

"Neverland" is available on DVD

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