Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Keith Robinson on "American Dreams" - 14 (2003)

Keith Robinson (Joel, Lightspeed) continued his recurring role on the family drama "American Dreams," in the show's twenty-fifth episode. The aptly-titled "City on Fire," finds Philadelphia on the verge of a massive riot, spurned on by racial tensions. Robinson's character, Nathan Walker, finds himself in the middle of the conflict, as he cheers on the rioters in North Philly, even as they destroy the store where his uncle & cousin work for the Pryor family. Nathan warns his cousin, Sam, to leave the store, but he doesn't get out before the riots begin to get out of hand. Sam gets caught in the chaos, along with his teenage friend, Meg Pryor (series star Brittany Snow). When Meg's uncle Pete and the rest of the Philadelphia police arrive to regain control, things get even more dangerous for all those involved. Nathan's closest friend is killed and Nathan is only saved from the same fate by Pete.

Season 1 of "American Dreams" is available on DVD

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