Wednesday, January 23, 2013

David de Lautour on "Hart of Dixie" (2013)

David de Lautour (RJ, Jungle Fury) guest starred on this week's new episode of the drama "Hart of Dixie." He played the role of Oliver Kent in the second season episode titled, "Islands in the Stream." Oliver crosses paths with Bluebell, Alabama resident, Annabeth Nass, who takes an immediate interest in Oliver, thanks to his British accent. Oliver and Annabeth hit it off, but Annabeth's friend and Bluebell's mayor, Lavon Hayes is suspicious of Oliver's sincerity. He soon discovers that Oliver is an Alabama native himself, faking a worldly accent to get more female attention. When Lavon confronts Oliver, he reveals that he suffers from a real medical condition known as Foreign Accent Syndrome, due to a head injury. Lavon convinces Oliver to tell Annabeth the truth. When he does, Annabeth doesn't lose interest at all. She urges him to get the medication he needs to treat his injury, but when he does, his southern drawl returns, turning her off. Annabeth later tells Lavon that Oliver left town, deciding to truly fake a British accent after seeing how disappointed she was with his real voice. A native New Zealander, David de Lautour is no stranger to faking a British accent. He played Brit musician Ben Sheffield on "What I Like About You." A full zip of his screencaps is available to download below.


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Season 2 of "Hart of Dixie" currently airs on THE CW

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