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Gabrielle Fitzpatrick on "Dragnet" (2003)

Gabrielle Fitzpatrick (Dulcea, MMPR: The Movie) played a major role on the short-lived 2003 version of the cop series "Dragnet," during it's first season. Fitzpatrick appeared in the third episode titled "Well Endowed," where she played a dual role. Fitzpatrick's character Whitney Lynde is found murdered in the first scene of the episode and the detectives soon discover that she was an aging actress whose real name was Eliza May Munson. When they discover she had a sister, they are surprised to see the two were twins. Fitzpatrick appears in the flesh as Maria Becker, Whitney's sister who has been taking care of her son practically since birth. Maria's highly religious lifestyle often clashed with her sister's and the two rarely spoke unless it involved visits with Whitney's son. Further investigation uncovered Whitney's affair with a high profile millionaire and the revelation that his vindictive wife may have set up Whitney to be murdered after her husband died. The detectives learn that the father of Whitney's son was the dead millionaire, who left the boy a hefty inheritance which put the boy's life in danger and led Whitney to send him to her sister.

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Ilia Volok on "Fastlane" (2002)

PR villain Ilia Volok (Dr. Viktor Adler/Master Org, Wild Force) made a major guest appearance on the cop drama "Fastlane." Volok appeared in the third episode titled "Gone Native" in the role of Dimitri Federov. The Russian arms dealer and his sister Katya become the subjects of undercover experts Van (series star Peter Facinelli) and Deaq (series star Bill Bellamy) but when the two cops try to gain Federov's trust they are undermined by Dimitri's ally Dallas who picks up the holes in their identities immediately. The cops learn that he's also undercover and like them, is looking to bust Dimitri's pal Nikolai who is coming to the U.S. with a sinister plot in mind. Volok appears throughout the episode and in the episode's climactic gun battle he is shot and wounded just after killing Dallas. Dimitri's fate is unknown. Volok is the second PR alum featured on the blog for appearing on "Fastlane." Brad Hawkins was the first.

"Fastlane" is available on DVD

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Anna Hutchison & John Tui on "Go Girls" (2009)

Anna Hutchison (Lily, Jungle Fury) and John Tui (Doggie Cruger, SPD; Daggeron, Mystic Force) continued their roles on the New Zealand comedy "Go Girls." The third episode titled "First Catch Monkey," finds Hutchison's character, Amy Smart using her controlling personality to interject herself into her pal Cody's hunt for a man so that she can fulfill her dream of getting married before the year is over. Amy sets out to help Cody find a guy with Kevin's help but soon finds that Cody's penchant for being "one of the guys" herself makes things even harder. In her own quest to become rich, Amy hits a snag when she's constantly tormented at her socks business by her nemesis Angelina. Their arguing allows a thief to rob Amy's stand and when she chases after him, she takes a nasty fall. John Tui appears as Timbo, a mechanic at the garage where Cody works. Timbo & the other guys love hanging out with Cody after work and when they learn about her search for a husband, they all give her a hard time at work. Timbo is seen partying with Cody but when Amy suggests him as a potential mate for her, Kevin reveals that Timbo has a girlfriend. Given her starring role, a full zip of Anna Hutchison's screencaps is available below.

Anna Hutchison

John Tui

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Season 1 of "Go Girls" is available on DVD (Non-US)

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