Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gabrielle Fitzpatrick on "Frasier" (1998)

Gabrielle Fitzpatrick (Dulcea, MMPR: The Movie) guest starred on the hit sitcom "Frasier" during the tenth episode of the show's fifth season. Fitzpatrick appears in the episode "Where Every Bloke Knows Your Name" as Clare, a friend of Daphne (series regular Jane Leeves). Daphne offers to take Frasier to her favorite British pub called the "Fox and Whistle," to meet Clare. But after they arrive, Clare reveals she's engaged, disappointing Frasier, who becomes enamoured with the pub which begins to annoy Daphne who found it to be her sanctuary. Fitzpatrick appears throughout the episode, listening to Daphne's issues and to witness the competition between Daphne & Frasier to see who will get to call the pub their own.

Season 5 of "Frasier" is available on DVD

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