Friday, September 24, 2010

Cerina Vincent in "Complacent" (2010)

Cerina Vincent (Maya, Lost Galaxy) finds herself playing a different Myah in the film "Complacent." Vincent stars as a young businesswoman who finds her boring suburban life unfulfilled, leading her to divorce her husband. She continues to host dinner parties for her group of supposedly close-knit friends. The other three couples, though, are all having their own problems which they try to conveniently slip under the rug. Myah tries her hardest to help the strained marriages, including her sister's with a verbally-abusive husband. Myah finds herself growing more happy in her own life with a new man, while her friends grow further apart. When one of the couples' admission of infidelity is revealed to the group, things get even worse, leading to tragedy. Myah tries to pick up the pieces of her friendships, while being faced with new responsibilities and helping her sister find her voice once more. Playing Vincent's love interest in the film is Michael Worth, whom she appeared with in "Sasquatch Mountain." Worth has also appeared in several films alongside Time Force alum Daniel Southworth. Vincent's "Cabin Fever" love interest, Joey Kern, also stars in this film as Myah's brother-in-law.

"Complacent" is available on DVD

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