Sunday, September 30, 2012

Daniel Southworth on "Revolution" (2012)

Former Quantum Ranger, Daniel Southworth (Eric, Time Force) made a brief guest appearance on the new sci-fi thriller "Revolution," which tells the story of a family torn apart after a blackout leaves the world without power and devoid of technology. Southworth appears in the pilot, as a character named Trevor, who comes upon main character Charlie Matheson, and her companions as they search for her uncle, after the death of her father and the abduction of her brother. Trevor and his group take them hostage inside an abandoned plane, looking to pillage their supplies. Trevor takes things even further, looking to also take advantage of the young Charlie, but she fights back against his attack. As Trevor's accomplices are poisoned, Trevor gets shot in the chest with an arrow before he can hurt Charlie. Southworth appears in just one extended scene of the episode.


"Revolution" currently airs on NBC

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