Saturday, July 13, 2013

Nikolai Nikolaeff on "Camp" (2013)

NBC's Summer series "Camp," debuted last week, with Jungle Fury alum Nikolai Nikolaeff (Dominic, Jungle Fury) in the main cast. Nikolaeff plays David 'Cole' Coleman, one of the camp counselors and resident handyman at Little Otter Family Camp. Cole also provides a listening ear for the camp's struggling owner, Mackenzie (series star Rachel Griffiths), acting as her confidante. In the first episode, damages pop up all over the camp just after it opens and Mackenzie seems to get fed up. She cancels the camp's talent show, and Cole takes it upon himself to re-instate it, despite having no sound equipment. He leads the other counselors on a raid to the neighboring camp to steal the needed supplies and bring a smile to Mackenzie's face, as she deals with her rebellious son, her broken marriage and a growing attraction to the rival camp's owner, who wants to buy Little Otter. "Camp" was produced and filmed in Australia, though set in America, with all of the cast employing American accents for the series. A full zip of Nikolaeff's screencaps is available to download below.

 photo camp-cast1_zps46844801.jpg  photo camp-cast2_zpse60c0ccd.jpg

 photo camp-1x1-nn1_zps0a6e226c.jpg  photo camp-1x1-nn4_zps9a227ba5.jpg
 photo camp-1x1-nn7_zps65f4baff.jpg
 photo camp-1x1-nn10_zpsac5eb3a2.jpg  photo camp-1x1-nn12_zps0e9f21e0.jpg
 photo camp-1x1-nn14_zpsfb60b0cd.jpg
 photo camp-1x1-nn17_zps13af7414.jpg  photo camp-1x1-nn19_zpsc8a78323.jpg
 photo camp-1x1-nn20_zps7e9cc707.jpg
 photo camp-1x1-nn22_zps8a6aadf5.jpg  photo camp-1x1-nn25_zps6178c789.jpg
 photo camp-1x1-nn30_zpsc37b1600.jpg

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"Camp" currently airs on NBC

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