Wednesday, September 16, 2009

David de Lautour, James Napier & Tandi Wright on "Being Eve" (2001)

Episode 9 of "Being Eve" deals with the change in Eve's relationship with her best guy friend Matt after their kiss. In the episode titled "Being Different," Eve has trouble talking to Matt after the incident and doesn't know where she stands which leads her to her former crush Adam Le Beau, who seems to be the only guy that she can talk to and really understand. David de Lautour (RJ, Jungle Fury) continues in his starring role as Adam who plays mediator between his friends Eve & Matt, as he tries to help them explore their relationship. James Napier (Conner, Dino Thunder) continues in his recurring role as Jared Preston, who bullies Matt in this episode. First he tries to get Matt to leave the gym which he's using to practice for a dance video audition. Matt gets fed up with Jared's constant confrontations in school and the two decide to fight. When Eve gets involved, Jared accidentally hits her instead, leading the school to turn against him. Tandi Wright (voice of Aisynia Cruger, SPD) appears only briefly in one scene in her starring role as Eve's father's girlfriend Allanah whom Eve consults on advice on dealing with boys.

David de Lautour

James Napier

Tandi Wright

"Being Eve" is available on DVD (Non-U.S.)

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Daniel Southworth in "War Wolves" (2009)

Daniel Southworth (Eric, Time Force) had a starring role in the recent horror/action film "War Wolves." The film tells the story of Jake Gabriel (played by Michael Worth) who returns from the military with post-traumatic stress disorder. Things get worse for him when his comrades return with a taste for blood, after their platoon was attacked by wolf-like terrorists. Southworth stars as Jake's best friend Clay who is not too happy that Jake left them behind. He lets his fangs show, leading to a battle between the two that is complicated when Jake's former love (and teammate) Erika shows up with her buddies, showing they too have special abilities thanks to the attack. Jake and the town he now calls home are soon under seige by the beasts. In the end, Jake himself must transform to battle his former friends to the death. This is the fourth film on the blog that Southworth has appeared in with writer/director Michael Worth. "Lethal," "Demon Hunter" and "Ghost Rock" were previously posted.

"War Wolves" is available on DVD

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Adelaide Kane on "Neighbours" - 3 (2007)

Adelaide Kane (Tenaya 7, RPM) continued her starring role on "Neighbours" back in 2007. In episodes 5238 and 5239, her character Lolly Allen teams up with her new boyfriend Zeke, to get back at Zeke's sister for posting their first kiss on the internet. They formulate a plan to humiliate Rachel using the internet. The duo steals Rachel's beloved stuffed pony and holds it "hostage," upsetting Rachel when she receives ransom emails via the web. The screencaps below come from both of those episodes. The first features Lolly & Zeka making their move and the second episode has them dealing with the fallout as they see Rachel's reaction.

Episode #5238

Episode #5239

"Neighbours" is currently airing (Australia)

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