Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jason Smith on "Home and Away" - 10 (2005)

Jason Smith's (Casey, Jungle Fury) 10th "Home and Away" post looks back at one of his character's major storylines. In Episode #3871, Smith appears as Robbie Hunter who goes on a camping trip with his best mate Kim and his best girl Tasha. The close-knit trio are having a blast which leads to a game of Truth or Dare. Tasha dares Robbie to streak naked through the woods and despite his apprehension, he goes through with it. The naked jog, however, leads to Robbie stepping on a used hypodermic needle which gets stuck in his foot. Robbie immediately panics, given the possible diseases he could have contracted from the needle. For the rest of the trip, he remains quiet and removed from the fun, unable to tell his two closest friends what happened.

"Home and Away" currently airs on Seven Network (Australia)

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Vernon Wells in "Weird Science" (1985)

Vernon Wells (Ransik, Time Force) appeared in the 80's cult favorite "Weird Science." Wells appeared in one extended scene late in the film, playing Lord General, a madman who may or may not have been created by Lisa (played by Kelly LeBrock), the artificial woman created by the film's two main characters, Gary & Wyatt. In an effort to help the geeks appear courageous and powerful to their peers at a house party, Lisa calls upon Lord General and his biker gang to bust up the festivities and take hold of the boys' teen crushes who are in attendance. Lord General asserts his strength, but the boys don't back down and stand up to the challenge, even pulling a gun on the crazed man, forcing him to back down and release their girls.

"Weird Science" is available on DVD

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Gabrielle Fitzpatrick on "Frasier" (1998)

Gabrielle Fitzpatrick (Dulcea, MMPR: The Movie) guest starred on the hit sitcom "Frasier" during the tenth episode of the show's fifth season. Fitzpatrick appears in the episode "Where Every Bloke Knows Your Name" as Clare, a friend of Daphne (series regular Jane Leeves). Daphne offers to take Frasier to her favorite British pub called the "Fox and Whistle," to meet Clare. But after they arrive, Clare reveals she's engaged, disappointing Frasier, who becomes enamoured with the pub which begins to annoy Daphne who found it to be her sanctuary. Fitzpatrick appears throughout the episode, listening to Daphne's issues and to witness the competition between Daphne & Frasier to see who will get to call the pub their own.

Season 5 of "Frasier" is available on DVD

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Rose McIver & Peter Feeney on "Xena: Warrior Princess" (1999)

Eight years before appearing together in "Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board," Rose McIver (Summer, RPM) and Peter Feeney (voice of Angor, Dino Thunder) shared the small screen on "Xena: Warrior Princess." This time however, they didn't play father & daughter. In the fifth season episode "Little Problems," Xena & Gabrielle come upon a dying little girl named Daphne and the goddess Aphrodite appeases Xena's calls to help the child by switching Xena's body with Daphne's. McIver plays Daphne and by extension portrays Xena for most of the episode. McIver appears throughout and even fights off the bad guys, superhero style. Voice actor Peter Feeney appears as Tharon, the episode's villain who tries to hunt down Xena for disfiguring him. After discovering the body switch, Tharon takes on young Daphne/Xena himself in a swordfight which he ends up losing.

Rose McIver

Peter Feeney

Season 5 of "Xena: Warrior Princess" is available on DVD

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