Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Chris Violette on "Bitten" (2014)

Former Blue Ranger, Chris Violette (Sky, SPD) played a small role in the premiere of the new supernatural Canadian drama "Bitten." The series centers around Elena Michaels (series star Laura Vandervoort), the only female werewolf in existence. Elena leads the normal life of a journalist, in a loving relationship, until she's called back into the supernatural world of the pack she left behind. Chris Violette is credited as 'Business Man #2' and appears in a scene with Vandervoort, as the friend of a business man who tries to flirt with Elena, offering her his hotel room key. Elena confronts him for his behavior, leading to a physical altercation which catches her boyfriend's sister off-guard, leading Elena to have to explain herself, and her self-defense abilities. This is Chris Violette's second project with Laura Vandervoort, as the two played major roles in the holiday film "Desperately Seeking Santa." The series "Bitten" re-runs in the U.S. on Syfy.

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"Bitten" currently airs on Space (Canada)

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