Saturday, August 22, 2009

Commercial - Catherine Sutherland for "Rice Krispies"

Former Pink Ranger Catherine Sutherland (Kat, MMPR-Turbo) played a major role in a special commercial promoting Rice Krispies cereal and Rice Krispies treats. In the commercial, Sutherland portrays the mother of two daughters who are creating the cereal's signature treats while having fun as a family. Sutherland's own daughter appears in the commercial as well, playing the youngest girl. The commercials received a limited run, as they were tied into the Independence Day holiday. In a bit of irony, the commercial stars an Australian actress while highlighting the 4th of July, a U.S. holiday. Sutherland pulls it off perfectly, though. There is a really great high quality upload of the commercial on No Pink Spandex. Check it out!

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