Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Angie Diaz & Gareth Yuen in "Knowing" (2009)

Angie Diaz (Vida, Mystic Force) and Gareth Yuen (Dax, Overdrive) both had small roles in the recent science fiction film "Knowing." Diaz appears on television as a reporter who informs the public of a devastating plane crash that occurs in Massachusetts, where most of the film's plot takes place. While she is credited only as 'Reporter,' her character's name appears on the television screen as Bianca Lopez as she reports live from the scene of the incident. Diaz has several lines as part of the news report but appears in only one scene. Gareth Yuen's appearance is even harder to catch. Yuen appears as Donald, an MIT student in Professor John Koestler's (played by Nicolas Cage) class early in the film. Yuen's character has no lines or even a close-up in the film itself, but he is prominently credited in the closing credits, along with the other 3 students who do speak in the classroom scene, which means his speaking part was probably cut from the final version of the film. The DVD contains no deleted scenes. There is a reference pic amongst his screencaps to make it easier to see Yuen who appears in a sea of other students.

Angie Diaz

Gareth Yuen

"Knowing" is available on DVD

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