Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vernon Wells on "JAG" (2000)

Time Force villain Vernon Wells (Ransik, Time Force) guest starred on the long-running legal drama "JAG" during the show's fifth season. In the two-part episode "Boomerang," the JAG team heads to Australia where a U.S. sailor has been living in hiding after deserting the military decades before. He's accused of murdering an Australian naval officer whose body washed up wearing his own United States naval uniform after a fight over a woman caused the two men to get into a fist fight. Wells appears as Toohey, a former Australian Navy soldier who was friends with the deceased and believes that the U.S. Sailor killed his friend, despite the sailor's claim that the man fell on his own knife in the scuffle. Toohey picks a fight with the sailor outside the court house and later testifies about what happened that night, even though he did not witness the death. Wells' appearances in both episodes are featured in the screencaps below.

"Boomerang, Part 1"

"Boomerang, Part 2"

Season 5 of "JAG" is available on DVD

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