Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Vernon Wells on "Knight Rider" (1986)

Time Force villain Vernon Wells (Ransik, Time Force) appeared on the original "Knight Rider" series in its fourth season back in 1986. Wells appeared as the villain during the episode titled "Hills of Fire." His character Wilson is trying to smuggle drugs, which he's hidden in a remote area. To prevent anyone from discovering the stash, he & his crew set several wildfires to keep people away. But when a teenager is trapped in one of the blazes, Michael Knight (series star David Hasselhoff) and his car KITT come the rescue and set out to find the culprit behind the flames. Playing Wells' sidekick who tricks Micheal into trusting her, is Nana Visitor. Visitor would go on to share screentime with other PR alums like Amy Jo Johnson on "Wildfire" and Edward Laurence Albert on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine." Wells appears throughout the episode and is ultimately captured by Michael.

Season 4 of "Knight Rider" is available on DVD

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