Saturday, May 5, 2012

Alex Borstein on "Hot in Cleveland" (2012)

Zeo voice actor, Alex Borstein (voice of Queen Machina, Zeo), guest starred on the sitcom "Hot in Cleveland" earlier this year. Borstein appeared as Preston "Preshi" Van Der Bosch, a rich heiress who is prone to strange behavior. When the series main characters try to gain membership at an elite Country Club, they schmooze other members at the Rubber Ball, in an attempt to be sponsored for entrance into the club. Joy (played by Jane Leeves) discovers her ex-boyfriend is engaged to Preshi in order to get to her trust fund. When she discovers Artie (guest star Jon Lovitz) is in love with Preshi, she agrees to help him impress her with a dance, which she hopes will sabotage her ex. When Preshi spots Joy kissing her fiancé, she calls off the engagement allowing Artie to make his move. Alex Borstein previously appeared with Jane Leeves on the comedy series "Frasier."


Season 3 of "Hot in Cleveland" airs on TV Land

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