Saturday, March 6, 2010

Alex Borstein in "Kicking & Screaming" (2005)

Zeo voice actor Alex Borstein (voice of Queen Machina, Zeo) played a small role in the 2005 comedy "Kicking & Screaming." The film stars Will Ferrell as family man Phil Weston who has been the constant victim of his father's intense competitive spirit. When Phil takes a job coaching a kids' soccer team, he soon finds himself in direct competition with his father. Borstein appears in a couple of the film's scenes, as an unnamed woman who gets into Phil's way, testing his ability to stand up for himself. Their first encounter comes at the beginning of the movie when she steals a parking space from him, using her Hummer to take up two spots. When he mentions it to her, she responds by making fun of his smaller car. Later, Phil is impatient for his caffeine fix when he gets stuck behind her in a long line, which she holds up by asking the employee to explain different beverages to her. When Phil tries to be more stern with her, she attacks, causing him to be thrown out of the coffee shop for good.

"Kicking & Screaming" is available on DVD

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